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I have been a serious photographer for more than sixty years. For many years I specialized in photographs of both model and prototype railroads, and was successful enough to both win contests and sell my images. Then, in the early nineties, although my public was satisfied with my newest images, I reached a point where every photograph seemed to me to repeat the same vision. I put aside my camera except for vacations and family events. Then just before the millennium I noticed that camera equipment had changed in a way that allowed me to direct more of my attention to capturing my vision rather than to the technical side of photography.

I returned to photography with an emphasis on natural photography. My goal is to call the viewer’s attention to the elements of the world that they might not otherwise notice in the hustle and bustle of the day.

This blog consists of two different kinds of content.

The first kind is pictures that I’ve taken and e-mailed to a mailing list that I maintain. Usually I send a mailing a week, with one to three pictures, although in periods in intense photographic activity, like migration or a trip, I may send more than one mailing. Similarly there may be no mailing during periods of inactivity. If you wish to be added to my mailing list for new photos, please feel free to e-mail me at . If you are interested in purchasing a photograph you should also contact me at that address.

The second type is of content is the book reviews, primarily about photography and aesthetics, that I also post to, and other web sites. I began reviewing books because I was often misled by glowing reviews that led me to purchase a book that I found to be of poor quality. Many of these reviews were written by one-time reviewers and I suspected that they were highly biased. I thought it was important for readers to get an unbiased view.

Most photography books that I review are furnished to me gratis by the publisher. I only review books that I am personally interested in and about which I have enough experience to give valid comments. Although I do not pay for most books, I do not believe that this has influenced me in favor of publishers. I believe the distribution of my ratings will show this, although there is a bias toward higher ratings because I won’t waste my time reading a book and writing a review for a book that I expect to be poor. If you are interested in my collected reviews on Amazon, click here.


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